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 Making Communities Stronger

     Great Northern Capital Investment Group through its Board of Directors and staff bring a unique understanding to the community development process at every level from concept to final occupancy, Great Northern Capital Investment Group  works with communities to provide a full range of development services including site selection, community planning, government approvals, financing, asset management, and property management. Great Northern Capital Investment Group mission is the transforming of underutilized, non- performing properties or underdeveloped sites into assets for the company and the community.

    Great Northern Capital Investment Group believes that there exist both in the public and private real estate markets, opportunities to create value and generate revenue.  Many communities in America have been facing the challenges of shrinking revenues, while having to provide services to their constituents. They are also faced with the cost of non-performing assets. Every community’s most significant asset is the land, and the taxes from that land that provides funds to pay police, fund the schools, clean the snow and cut the grass for the little league teams.
    Great Northern Capital Investment Group  method is to acquire properties at a greatly discounted rate significantly below fair market value. The reason that a municipality sees value in this plan, is that it gives them immediate revenue that can be used to pay for services. This arrangement also gives the cities revenue that can be used in the future. Many of these properties have been off of the tax rolls for years. Not only don’t they generate revenues, but these properties cost the communities funds, because vacant properties need to be maintained, the grass need to be cut, and the trash that piled up on them creates an unhealthy conditions that require correction and all of this drain much needed resources. In addition, a vacant property creates a blighted condition, which allows insurance companies to cancel or increase the premiums of the homeowners that live near by. Great Northern Capital Investment Group will return these properties to the tax rolls immediately, and over time increase their value.